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Don't miss out! - Saturday, April 19 - One day only!

Empty out your closets of excess clothing!

Clothing Drive
On-Location Radio Station
Live Music

Savers (www.savers.com), Larkfield Road, Commack off Rte. 25 (behing Trader Joe's)

Free Anniversary Savings Pass; free $1,000,000 bill to the first 20 people donating used clothing

Coming Soon:

Horse and Buggy Ride


Vocation on Vacation

Paradise Inn (110 Washington Street)
Wellington House (107 Washington Street)

Sharon Spring, NY 13459 (15 miles from Cooperstown)

Information from Ellen or John: 518-284-2745

Reservations for Bed and Breakfast @ $100/night double occupancy: 917-434-1517

Retreat; vacation; healing waters; books: "How to Tame Your Tongue in 30 Days"; "How to Deal with Unruly People"


For further information, please call 631-902-3457 or 631-741-2492